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About Us


Our Why

For us, the mission is simple: help people to achieve higher states of being through the highest quality medicinal plant & mushroom supplements available. We're honored to have started delivering on our promise and even more excited for what's to come next. 

Urban Mana is more than just a supplement company, our intention is to expand our range of products and services, ceaselessly tweaking and improving so that we become your trusted ally on your mission to RAISE YOUR STATE™. 

Our Product 

Most supplement companies out there are simply stealing your money in exchange for low-potency garbage. Fancy ads, lofty reputations and seemingly good intentions often obscure the fact that these companies aren't posting real scientific data about their extracts. The leading brands continue to charge top dollar for inferior products knowing that trusting customers are catching on to the incredible benefits of medicinal plants and mushrooms. 
We've decided to start disrupting the deception by creating a better mushroom supplement; higher potency, more transparency and less greed. We did this by working directly with the wholesale manufacturers of the highest potency mushroom extracts in the world and custom-designing an extract that far exceeds the potency and bio-availability of any other product on the market. How did we do this? the answer is simple, we spent more money on better ingredients so that we could give you more value.
We decided to start Urban Mana by formulating the most effective caffeine-free, natural energy supplement on the market. Our "ENERGY" formula has objective, 3-rd party lab testing that proves it to be the most potent and bio-available supplement of its kind, nothing comes even close. 

Our Family

 We aren't mycologists, or scientists, or Health guru's, we're a family of passionate, ambitious & optimistic entrepreneurs who's goal is to help you achieve your highest state of being. Our commitment is to never stop bringing you the very best health supplements on the market, and through every action help you to Raise Your State™. It's more than a slogan, it's our life's purpose and a gift for you, so that the path is always clear; you don't need to know all of the answers, you just need to focus on raising your state, the rest will take care of itself.
To dive even deeper, Check out our blog to learn more about how all of the industry leading companies are selling low-potency mushroom supplements. 

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