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Lab Results

The following pages are the third-party lab results for each of our ingredients. As you can see, all ingredients are above specification. We intend to post the lab results for each batch we manufacture. 

There's a serious problem in the world of medicinal plant and mushroom supplements right now, everyone is claiming "high-strength" and "top quality" without showing the proof. We're drawing a line in the sand and holding everyone else accountable so that you can get the best product possible for your money.

Each of our ingredients is tested for the % of its main active compounds which have been highlighted below:

Cordyceps - Cordcyepin & Adenosine
Ashwagandha - Withanolides
Rhodiola - Salidroside
Eleuthero - Eleutheroside A+E
Shilajit - Fulvic Acid

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